Hoof Trimming

Loading Steer Into Trim Chute
We Emphasize Low Stress Handling at All Times

  We specialize in hoof trimming show steers and show heifers for FFA and 4H Youth who are participating Show Cattle Exhibitors.

  Brett Little handles all of our Hoof Trimming chores and would like to help you with yours.

  With over 15 years of experience, Brett Little provides hoof trimming of both show cattle and sale cattle.

     Brett uses nippers and rasps, no grinder used!

     Having a portable hoof trimming chute, Brett can conveniently come to your school farm or ranch (minimum of 20 head or more depending on distance).

     Just have a few head of cattle to trim, come to us. With a covered stationary chute at the ranch, Brett is always willing to trim those brought to him.

     Call today to set up an appointment.

  Appointments available days, nights and weekends.

Brett Little
No Name Cattle Co.
Bells, TX