Hay Production by No Name Cattle Co

No Name Cattle Co Hay Production
No Name Cattle Co 2009 Produced Hay

      Pictured above are a few round bales produced from our 2009 hay crop.  No Name Cattle Co has the privilege of baling a luscious Coastal and Johnson grass hay field along the banks of Choctaw Creek just miles from the ranch. 

     We believe that our livestock should be fed the best forage we can grow and we want to do the same for your livestock.  Our hay production begins each year with fertilization and foreign matter control.  As the grass grows, we wait for the optimum stage to cut our hay in hopes of producing the highest food value.  Once cut and allowed to cure for that most favorable amount of time, we then rake our wind rows.  Once this stage is completed, we promptly bale our hay producing a full, heavy bale that is easy to haul, stack and feed.  Call today for pricing and to place your round bale order!  Delivery Available.   

     Watch the video to see the complete operation of hauling, unloading and stacking of the hay.  


 Larry Little
No Name Cattle Co

Bells, Texas