Embryo Transfer

Mike Myers Examining Angus Donor Cow at No Name Cattle Co
Mike Myers examining an Angus Donor Cow at No Name Cattle Co prior to flushing

     No Name Cattle Co offers a complete Embryo Transfer Donor Cow Management Service and Mike does the actual flushing of the donor cows. Our Donor Cow Management Program includes:

  • Set up
  • Day Care
  • Heat Watch
  • Timed Breeding/ Artificial Insemination
  • Flushing / Mike Myers Reproductive Services
  • Recipient cows available at times

  Our donor cow management program is designed for those cow folks who want to take advantage of the advanced technology in raising high performance cattle of any breed but do not have the time, knowledge or facilities to make such a breeding program possible.

     Brett Little and Rob Jeffery operate the donor management program. Brett and Rob both have the knowledge, skill and facilities along with the help of Mike Myers Reproductive Services to manage your donor cows and enhance your cattle herd.

     When using No Name Cattle Co donor management program, our services provided to you are day care of both donor and recipient cows. By bringing both your donor and recipient cows to our ranch, we are able to "set up" your cows by administering the numerous medications at the appropriately scheduled times.

     Heat watch is provided along with timed breeding and artificial insemination of each donor cow which is calculated based on standing heat.

     With the assistance of Mike Myers Reproductive Services, the "flushing" procedure is performed on the ranch.

     When recipient cows are available fresh embryos can be implanted on day of flush or embryos can be frozen and stored for later implantation.

     By using our donor management program, you can take full advantage of the advanced technology in the cattle industry to improve your herd and raise high quality performance cattle without the frustrations of the timely, very structured process of embryo transfer.

  Let us help you in improving your herd! Call for an appointment today.

Brett Little
No Name Cattle Co.
Bells, TX