Border Collie Cow Dogs Working

Border Collie Cow Dogs Working Angus Heifers at No Name Cattle Co
Border Collie Cow Dogs Working a set of Angus Heifers at No Name Cattle Co
These working cow dogs are trained by Brett Little

  Sometimes when you are trying to select a few favorite show prospects from a group of Angus Heifers do they always seem to want to move away? Well! Come for a visit and see for yourself that is never a problem at No Name Cattle Co near Bells, Texas. In the above picture two of Brett'sr working cow dogs have gathered the heifers, brought them in close and are now holding them in place.

  No Name Cattle Co Working Cow Dogs are under the direction of Brett Little. Always a good idea to check ahead but Brett usually always has Border Collies available and ready to go.

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  Brett bought his first Border Collie pup, "Sarg" in 2004. With the assistance of a few friends and fellow Border Collie breeders Brett trained Sarg as a pup and then developed a passion for working cow dogs after purchasing and training Duece, which is now Brett's "right hand man".

  Today, Brett is raising, training and selling Border Collies. Brett's dogs are used daily on the ranch at No Name Cattle Co. Whether it is to gather a pasture full of recipient cows, drive a few donor cows to the lot, or to just fill a gap in a gate, Brett uses his dog's as he would a hired ranch hand. From sorting calves in an alley at the ranch to performing at working cow dog trials, Brett's Border Collies exhibit both the instinct and talent it takes to succeed.

  Watch a short video where two of Brett's working cow dogs pen a group of 25 Angus Heifers at No Name Cattle Co Headquarters in one minute and twelve seconds. Then call Brett for more information or to set up an appointment for a visit to watch them work. Brett has pups and dogs at various stages of training. Call today to find out if he has your next "right hand man"!

 Brett Little
No Name Cattle Co

Bells, Texas

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